Soloprojects and other appearances:

Another systematic approach to the musicians of Kraan has been made by Detlef Weber. The document summarizes the info below. Get it as a pdf document here

Malberry moonHELLMUT HATTLER soloprojects etc.

Hellmut Hattler got a separate page, since his activities & production constantly grows ( needs a little updating ).

Hattler / Wolbrandt (Ibanez artist vol. 1.)
Jan Fride appears as guest on 'Hemden im wind'.

A promotion tape made for Ibanez (basses & guitars) 1985.

Contains the following tunes:
• Polarity (later recorded on Dancing in the shade, 1989)
• Gute Fahrt (prototype of Weeyeea, Soul of Stone 1991, but recorded 6 years before !)
• Mein Gold (same version found on Berliner Ring, 2001 except for the remastering)
• Hemden im wind (same version found on Berliner Ring, 2001 except for the remastering)

Click on the photo for more info and
Go to the mp3 page !

  • Jan Fride: Released an album only as MC in 1984 (More probably 1982) on Transmitter Records:
    Rock aus dem Toten Trakt

    "It was a 4-track homerecording tape which I did with my girlfriend Willa (she played guitar and performed some lyrics also). I played the drums and bass and tried to perform some lyrics. 100 copys of this - and that was it."

    "I have to say that I don't like that tape myself very much, and so I'm not interested to make it public again".  

  • BulbBulb - 6 songs for lavalight bulbs (64 minutes) 1999.

  • Patschulij Dynamite 28/9/2000 (55:02 Min.) Peter Wolbrandt has co-composed 2 tunes.
    11 songs (2 songs by Jan & Peter)
    Video loop station
    60 Video Loops
    60 Groove Loops
    200 cool slogans
    Patsjuli- You can read a German review here:   "12 groovige Instrumentaltracks zu finden, irgendwo angesiedelt zwischen Drum’n Bass, Trance, Ambient und TripHop. Drum-Beats, Sprachsamples und Keyboardsounds wurden vom Computer abgerufen und zu entspannt dahinfließenden Klangcollagen gemixt."
    It should be available at his website (the shop):

Johannes Pappert: Alto Spiegelei / Intercord INT 160.609
  • Beautiful life
  • Remember
  • The world
  • Winter 75
  • communication
  • Walk on
  • Driftin
  • Baby
  • She's Gone
  • Fee Forever
  • Saxomanie
  • When desmond getz grazy

Recorded 1977
released 1978.
Peter, Hellmut, Jan &:
Ellen Meier (on the cover): vocal,
Micki Sticky Dorn: drums,
Wofgang Grasekamp: keyb.
Andy Göldner: vocals,
Lou Marignan: Bass,
Bernd Kiefer: Bass,
Zabba Lindner: drums,

Johannes Pappert: Happy Ambrosia Intercord Int 145.608
  • Dark Veils
  • She Knows It's Gone
  • Happy Ambrosia
  • New Mornin'
  • Nanga Parbat
  • Communication '79
  • Outside
  • Psychodelic Island
  • Flowers In The Garden
  • Fiery Orbits
Recorded 1980
Ellen Meier Voc
Johannes Pappert Sax & Perc
George Kochbeck Key & Voc
Heinz Gembus Fenderbass
Micky Stickdorn Dr, Perc & Voice

Click here for full front cover
Click here for full back cover.

Peter Wolbrandt: So weit. Unknown records Le 7954.
  • Dreamdrive
  • Cant stand it
  • SWF
  • Musik in the rain
  • Dark drivers
  • Rubberman
  • Andersson
  • Twilight
  • So weit
Released in very small quantities (1000) 1979 , recorded in Wintrup mixed by ConnyPlanck.
Peter plays most of the instruments himself, but has help on sometunes by Hattler,Fride, Pappert & Gerald Hartwig -bass, Andy Göldner- vocals.
9 tunes, alltogether lasting 35 minutes.
Peter Wolbrandt: Under An1x    
  • SevenCorner Session mit Wolfgang Grasekamp
  • Under An1X
  • Old Devil Moon Drums, Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Mume Moren
  • Der neue Opel
  • Der lange Mark
  • Sie war tanzen
  • Talking House Drums, Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Ohne Titel Drums,Samples: Jan Wolbrandt
  • Monika komm runter
  • Enohpipe

11 Tracks - 60 min. "Technomusic"

Alle Tracks 1998-99 mit Yamahas An1x in Sontheim Germany aufgenommen.

Peters website gives a little information about both albums, and a possibility to get a copy.

Peter Wolbrandt : "Tracks"    

Released January 2004

Available from :

It's a homestudioproduction.

Peter Wolbrandt : AND AGAIN



Released July 2005

Available from :
5 samples online as appetizers.

# Waiting For The Day
# Sugar Call
# Devil In The Bush
# And Again
# Sahara
# Too Much Of That
# Free
# What A Beach
# My Small Town
# Twinklin' Stars
# Too Much Of That
# Searching Fore Your Love

It's a homestudioproduction.

And again

    Ingo Bischof

  • Bischof & Weeratunga: Flowing power, 2003. Soundscapes, Relaxation music / meditation music, no rythms, no repeated structures, in the same family as Brian Eno's ambient stuff but with an Indian flavour. Recommended ! More info and 4 short samples:

  • Tavil Reger/Bischof/Fischer - 'Images of Trance and Rythm' 2001

  • Ingo BischofIngo Bischof: 'Reconstructed' 2009
    Listen: &
Besetzungsliste /Gastmusiker

Mr.Lewis: musik bischof
maurice humeau (dr) tiago souza (bs) valeriano adorno (guit)
miguel souza (congas + shaker) sonix (cuts + sounds) the berlin horns
ingo bischof (keys)

CalCaz: musik bischof / hattler text cem özkan
maurice humeau (dr) hellmut hattler (bs) miguel souza (waterdrum)
Dietmar süss (triangle) ali neander (guit) frank diez (guit) steryo c.e.m. (rap)
Charlemaine (vox) ingo bischof (keys)

Port new: musik bischof
maurice humeau (dr) robert lochmann (bs) miguel souza (shaker)
Hüseyin köroglu (guit) sonix (cuts + sounds) the berlin horns
ingo bischof (keys)

Gritty Kitty: musik bischof
maurice humeau (dr) tiago souza (bs) miguel souza (congas + shaker) sonix (cuts + sounds) valeriano adorno (guit) frank diez
(guit) thomas wagner (speakjet) the berlin horns
ingo bischof (keys)

Memories: musik bischof
peter zettl (dr) tiago souza (bs) miguel souza (congas + shaker)
Ali neander (guit) sonix (cuts + sounds) thomas wagner (speakjet) krisha patenaude (vox)
ingo bischof (keys)

finkenbach: musik bischof
maurice humeau (dr) tiago souza (bs) miguel souza (shaker) sonix (cuts + sounds) torsten de winkel (guit) the berlin horns
ingo bischof (keys)

Hidden Rythms: musik bischof
tobias backhaus (dr) thomas heidepriem (bs) frank diez (guit) the berlin horns
ingo bischof (keys)

No time: musik und text bischof
maurice humeau (dr) tiago souza (bs) miguel souza (shaker) sonix (cuts + sounds) ali neander (guit) ramesh weeratunga
ingo bischof (keys)

Leaves: musik bischof text weeratunga
peter zettl (dr) tiago souza (bs) miguel souza (shaker) dietmar süss (didge + darbouka) anke schimpf (flute) moritz mainusch
(tr) simone reifegerste (vox)
ingo bischof (keys)

Damaskus: musik bischof / hattler
peter zettl (dr) hellmut hattler (bs) miguel souza (bongos + shaker + add perc) ) frank diez (guit) kuday sahinalp (ney)
ingo bischof (keys)

Slowly: musik bischof
tobias backhaus (dr) miguel souza (jungle perc) kuday sahinalp (ney)
torsten de winkel (e - sitar)
ingo bischof (keys)

it’s over when it’s over: musik bischof
ingo bischof (keys) frank diez (guit) hüseyin köroglu (saz)

arranged and produced by hüseyin köroglu + ingo bischof
recording ,mix + mastering by hüseyin köroglu at orange-box-studios/darmstadt
add. recording by ramesh b.weeratunga + ingo bischof in berlin und kleinmachnow.
„the berlin horns“ are : gerald mayer (tromb) frank fritsch (sax) skip reinhard (trump) ... arranged by gerald meyer


Deutcher Rundfunk-Museum: Vom Kopf Zum Hörer
2 LP's - 1 Kraan tune, or rather: A part of 'Holiday am Marterhorn'.
This recording is not released anywhere else.
Recording date Sep, 2nd 1975

Released on:
Look here

Recorded with 2 microphones mounted on an artificial head. Should be heard with headphones for best result. Very live'ish.
Starts with a few minutes bass solo fading in , Hellmut also uses a wah wah pedal on his bass, then comes the end of Holiday am Marterhorn.

There are strong indications that the tune consist of 2 recordings badly merged. An eventual story behind this is not known, but
the last seconds in this recording, where the band comes together to play the Holiday theme after HH's solo, are not from the same recording, as claimed by the publishers, but from a Westdeutscher-Rundfunk-Kunstkopf-Recording from 1974, the series was called "Nachtmusik im WDR" . Look here: - 1974, Lost Holiday am Marterhorn" Look at the backside of the cover:

Download here
(rightclick & save): Holiday_Kunstkopf.mp3 - 6 mb, 128 kbps. Starts up kind of silently.
Should defintetely be listened to with good headphones.

But remember if you want to hear real Kraan, this is not representative, its a curiosity.

Info- blow up
Blow up of the back of the cover.
Thanx to Christian Zey for this info and the scans.


"Die Schallplatte "Vom Kopf zum Hörer", aufgenommen in kopfbezogener Stereophonie, dürfte inzwischen eine Rarität sein... Sie wurde von uns zur Funkausstellung 1975 in einer limitierten Auflage von vier- oder
fünftausend Stück herausgegeben und war damals nur im Museum unter dem Berliner Funkturm erhältlich. "

The LP "Vom Kopf zum Hörer", recorded in 'Kunstkopf'-stereophony, should be a rarity meanwhile .... we'd published this record on the occasion of the international broadcasting fair (IFA Berlin) 1975 in a limited edition of 4.000 or 5.000 copies and it was availible only in our museum nearby the Berliner "Funkturm".

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Reinhard Exner

Deutsches Rundfunk-Museum

(Fred Bauer provided this info)

  Super Rock Festival

Super-Rock-Festival - 1977

A sampler album with 3 alternative Kraan mixes of 3 wellknown tunes - mixed in "3-D" .

Info on the back of the cover states that the tunes have been remixed - quote:
"in the first specially designed studio for 3-D-Stereo technique. Compared with conventional stereo records it offers a more natural ´surround´ sound experience, greater sound intensity and better stereo transparency. Reproduction through headphones gives that well-known threedimensional artificial head effect".

Webmaster: It's the same recordings used for 'Let it out' but remixed for headphones, and on the tune 'let it out' they also use the track where Peter sings along with his guitarsolo, which they didn't on 'Let it out' (neither German or USA version).

Let it out 6:12
Bandits in the woods 4:20
Degado 4:54
Should defintetely be listened to with good headphones.

Besides the odd mix, the biggest difference is Peter Wolbrandt scat-singing on most of his guitar solo in Let it out !

Hellmut flashbacks when 3. degree-interrogated:
"aaaah, yes i remember, Peter and myself remixed it in the only kunstkopf studio in Wilster 1977 or so (I knitted a scarve for my little son Max, because the mixing took days and days and days. A studio full of technical secrets, but quite boring for us...)
I don't own the recordings - almost forgot about them."

(A photo from the knitting period)

Title: Super-Rock-Festival (vol 1.)
Format: 2LP
Company: Intercord
Ordering Number: 27 807-7
Matrix Numbers: 180028-A/3 / -B/3 / -C/2 / -D/5
Country: Germany
Year: 1977
More info here:

On Super-Rock-Festival (vol. 2) you can also find Kraan: Andy Nogger 3:50, and 2 Hattler tunes: Bassball 3:10 & How and why 4:20 - but presently I have no Info about the recordings or the recording technique.

Achim Helge Winkelmeier provided the scans, and brought my attention to this Compilation album.
Progday festival (USA) samplers :

Contains: 'Borgward' (taken from the album 'live 2001')

Contains: 'Let it out' - recorded at Progday festival 2002, not released elsewhere.

With Guru Guru: (Guru Guru Website here, an alternative here )

  • Mani & seine freundeGuru Guru, Mani & seine Freunde 1975 LP Atlantic ATL 50157 (LP 1975) CD: OSA/ACD 941071- Hattler, Wolbrandt, Fride and Bischof S.Jandrisch, J.Karpenkiel, M.Neumeier. Tunes 1-4 very Kraanish.
  • Mani & seine freundeGlobetrotter 1977 LP - Hattler and Bischof .
  • Tango fango 1976 Brain 1089 (LP 1976) - - Ingo Biscof
  • Hey du 1979 - Brain 60.187 LP (Guru Guru Sun Band) - Ingo Bischof.
  • Mani in Germani 1981 - GeeBeeDee 008 LP - Hattler & Bischof
  • Mani Neumeier: Neumeier's Neue Abenteuer 1983 LP - BI 6190 - Peter Wolbrandt
  • Privat (1993) - Jan Fride - Drums
  • GURU GURU / 30 JAHRE LIVE 1998 fünfundvierzig 45102 (Captain Trips Records CTCD-164-166 (CD 1999) ) - Ingo Bischof
With Others:
  • Highdelberg 1975- Happy Bird 5017 LP - Hattler, Fride and Wolbrandt (Project by Ax Genrich from Guru Guru, with Mani Neumeier and Moebius & Rodelius).
  • Peter Bursch und dieBröselmaschine (1975) - Xenophon 161.012 - Jan Fride - Drums
  • ReleaseMusic Orchestra - Garuda (1975) Brain 1072 - Pappert - SAX
  • Lillental frontLiliental backLiliental (1978) - Brain 60.117 LP - Hattler and Pappert . Liliental (1978)
    Metronome LP - Brain 0060.117 (0559) Side 1: - Stresemannstrasse - Adel - Wattwurm (written by Moebius, Tietchens, Bekker, Hattler, Plank) Side 2: - Vielharmonie - Gebremster Schaum - Nachsaison (written by Moebius, Tietchens, Bekker, Pappert, Plank) Moebius: ARP, Gitarre, Percussion Asmus Tietchens: Moog, Schlagzeug Okko Bekker: ARP, Keyboeards, Percussion, Vocals, Singende Säge, Gitarre Conny Plank: ARP, Gitarre, Vocals Johannes Pappert: Altsaxophon, Schlagzeug, Bass, Flöte Hellmut Hattler: Bass
  • Andy Goldner's first album (Well Known Records 0002) 1979 - Wolbrandt & Fride and Ellen Meyer on 1 tune: 'Winter 75' . Front of cover - Back of cover (about his former band: exmagma)
  • Carsten Bohn`s Bandstand - Humor Rumor (1978) - ERL 2007- Wolbrandt-Guitar - Carsten Bohn website here
  • Atlantis - TOP OF THE BILL 1976 LP Venus 1002 - Ingo Bischof - keyboards
  • Alex orientalAlex Oriental Experience - "Studio Tapes 1976-78" (WR 08517122) Hattler on "wishes" (1978), "easy come" (1978) & "clap" ISBN 4 001617 171226 Wiska Records (F 669.369 A) - Alex Wiska (Saz), in Köln (Cologne) also known as TurkRock Alex, Jaki Liebezeit (from Can - Drums) & Hellmut Hattler (Bass on 3 tunes ). (As Guest contributed: Reebop Kwaku Baah (from Can & Traffic), Gerd Dudek, Zeus B, Held, Manfred von Bohr.This contact came probably trough the record company EMI, for wich Hellmut was recording his Bassball album about that time.
  • Dice: same 1979 Scene Record 1601 - Christian Nove, George Kochbeck, A Pappert. LP in clear vinyl - Johannes Pappert sax. Website
  • ES-WhamBang - (1979) . Fran Records FRAN L - 003 09 recorded at Cottenstudio, Bielefeld, Nov./Dec. 1978 mixed at Rüssl Studio, Hamburg, Feb. 1979 Alto Pappert plays all sax on track 4 (LP A side): Tipsy Ellen (Lindner, Kiefer, Meier, Pappert) 3:04
  • Mickey D's Unicorn - (1979) - IC58.064 LP- Hattler & Fride.
  • Muck Grohbian Muckefuck"- INT 148412 (1979) - Alto Pappert appeared on four tunes of this jazz-rock album . FrontCover 51 kb    BackCover 98kb ( fantastic %¤@?!)
  • Roland (Schaeffer) & the Dadadogs :Paramashivam 1982 (incl. Hellmut Hattler: 8-string bassguitar), EATS MEATS WETS- LP Biber Records Bi 6160, released 1982. Cover here
    It seems to be some kind of "world music" / "rock meets India"
  • bad boyBad Boy 1982: Ingo Bischof - keys, Gerry Brown - drums, Joey Albrecht - vocals, guitars, H.D. Lawrence: bass. Tunes: 1. The man you love 4:23, 2. Zeuscbachtal 5:23 (instrumental), 3. Loving you 7:15, 4. Rise on 3:20. (A true rarity - some themes seems to have origin in Kraan tunes)

  • "Abgelehnt" from 1985 ( Teldec Import Service H 121301 TV ) - On this sampler are the tunes "Alles steht Kopf" by Fehlfarben with Hellmut Hattler and "Junk" by Hellmut Hattler with Andy Göldner. FrontCover96 kb    Back Cover 69 kb
  • basstalk 1Bass Talk Vol.1 - CD Hot Wire Records HOT 8901 C Germany 1989. Track # 6 : Four Miles To Ulm (Hattler/Kraus) 3:56 Hellmut Hattler, Joo Kraus. Recorded and mixed at AVC-Studios, Illertissen. The second track is Track # 11: Li'l Sweetheart (Hattler) 2:26, Hellmut Hattler, Frank Dietz, AltoPappert. Recorded and mixed at Mad Hattler Studio, Ulm (specially recorded for this Sampler) . •Webpage •Inside cover 1 •Inside cover 2
  • Roland Schaeffer (from Guru Guru) - Und die Dadadogs (1982) - Biber 6070 - Jan Fride - Dr
  • fehlfarben
  • ASH RA TEMPEL 1984. Studio production of "MM Extra" with Helmut Hattler (bass) and Micky Duwe (singer, ex-METROPOLIS) and singer on Ash Ra Tempel's Seven Up. Never released. Source:
  • Thomas Schwebel & Fehlfarben: Popmusik + Hundezucht, (recorded 1984 , released1992 Distributor : EFA 80022-2 ; Label :D.D.R.LC 7483) - Helmutt Hattler - Bass. T.Schwebel, M.Schwebel, U.Jahnke. typical HH bass, but music is NDWish (NDW = "Neue Deutsche Welle" = 'New German Wave' from late 80ies)
  • G-CONNECTION: I like Champagne 1985 Cay-Top Records 105 336 (BRD 1985) - Musicians: Michael Ruge, git,voc, synth
    Michael Leske, drums, voc - Erich Raeuker, bass - Peter Wolbrandt, git, voc - Tom Schwarz, git
  • Mickey D unicornMickie D's Unicorn "No Regrets" (1989) Edel - NAV LP 8902-1 or CD 8902-2 Hellmut Hattler on "deep in the night" & "the traveller" ISBN 4 009880 890226
  • basstalk4BASS-TALK IV -1996 : WHO´S AFRAID OF THE BIG BAD BASS? VARIOUS ARTISTS EFA CD 12822-2 - Hellmut Hattler a.o.- .Webpage. Inside of cover
  • AGITATION FREE : "River of Return" - 1999. Johannes "Alto" Pappert plays sax.
  • Bad Boy: Bad Boy 1982(4 Tracks with Ingo Bischof & Gerry Brown)
  • Reinhard Mey: Die Zwölfte 1983- Ingo Bischof
  • Ulrich Roski: Immer in der Mitte 1984 - Ingo Bischof
  • Gitte Hänning: Mit Lampenfieber auf Tournee (live) 1984 - Ingo Bischof (A danish popsinger - sing-a-long-songs, not the first album a Kraan fan would choose)
  • electric rama Interzone: Das süße Leben 1985 - Ingo Bischof
  • Kalkowski: Tief aus'm Bauch 1987 - Ingo Bischof
  • Zeitenwende: Herren der Nacht 1982 - Jan Fride
  • Menschen's Kinder 1982 - Jan Fride
  • Heiner Pudelko : Gloria 1992 - Ingo Bischof
  • Deffert und Rörsam: Schramml 'N' Slide 1993 - Jan Fride
  • The CD "Freispiel" is a film-musicproject recorded in Stadtgarten Köln from 22.-25. November 1993. Freispiel
    Published by EMI Electrola - 20.6.1996. feat. Musicians from Can, Element of Crime, Cluster, Gang of Four, Fehlfarben, Killing Joke, New Order, Propaganda, Der Plan, Ultravox, etc. On 2 Tracks Hellmut Hattler 1. Freunde Rap 4.06 min. feat. Sven Regener (Element of Crime), F.Fenstermacher(Fehlfarben/Der Plan), Robert Görl(D.A.F.), Gudrun Gut (Malaria?), Jaki Liebezeit(Can,Westernhagen etc.) 2. Fremd in diesem Land 5.31 min.

  • Electric Rama:Go Deeper(1996) - CD: Indigo/Traumton 4414, ISBN 4 015698 441420 Special: - Young King's Song (re-arranged by Joo kraus) 4 out of 14 songs with Joo Kraus (arrangement/music/trumpets/keyboards/drum programming)
  • viva ssvViva SSV 1846 - Die offizielle Hymne. Tribute to Ulm's football club 1999. Written by Joe Dachtler. Vocals: Bianca Schneider, Charlie Sick (No spelling errors!), keyboards: K.H. Fohlert, drums: Curt Cress (from Passport, and Hattler's bassball), bass: Hellmut Hattler, Choir: Ulmer teater. You can get it at choose Fußball and then accessoires (yes). Price 14.90 DM. Alltogether 19 minutes, but not the slightest scent of Kraan - for the really hardcore, die hard fans !
    Hellmut says about this :" It was done in a heavy time without money, and is more than unrepresentative for what I want to express !"
  • Reger/Bischof/Fischer - 'Images of Trance and Rythm' 2001 (5284 TavilSelected Sound ) - Ingo Bischof (look here for interview with Ingo) and buy here(search for Reger). TavilDeep Dive
    Download the tune: Hakim 5,4 mb
  • Achim Vater & Peter Wolbrandt: 'Der verlorene Traum' (work title) 1999, 7 tunes, 55 minutes of relaxing, hypno-chill-out music. 4 tunes are re-recorded versions from Under An 1x + 3 tunes by Achim Vater. Guitarbased (Achim) with sampled sounds and additional guitar (Peter), not Kraan-like, home recording. Currently not available - eventually try Peters website.
  • Live TracksAudio's audiophile: Live tracks, VMV 1965-99 (2000) - a live compilation of live tunes, with one Kraan track 'Nam Nam', taken from 'Live 88'. Read more/order:
  • Dive DeepHellmut Hattler co-composed and played a tune called "bassic/flow mix" for a downbeat style band called "deep-dive-corp.", The album title is "blackmail recordings" released february 2000 on jubilee records.
  • Deep Dive Corporation (2001) "Blackmail Recordings"
    Jubilee J03, ISBN 4 025905 950034
  • Deep Dive Corp. "Beware of Fake gurus" (2002) Sony - Jubilee J22 Hellmut Hattler on "delhi news (deep dive version)" ISBN 4 025905 950225
  • De | PhazzDe|Phazz - Death by Chocolate 2001. Mole / Universal 016255-2, ISBN 0 44001 625527 Features Jan Fride on the whole Album & Joo Kraus(3Tracks) & Hattler (1 Track).
  • P.W. & Heidenheimer Spatzen - 4 tunes with these guys: - Straight rock&roll. Peter Wolbrandt guitars and vocal. Unreleased, recorded 1993 - Can be ordered from the website price: 19 DM. Heidenheimer Spatzen
  • Ax GenrichAx Genrich "The best of 1971 - 1996 (highdelberg, and more)" BMG - ATM 3822-AH Hattler, Wolbrandt, Fride on "Odenwald Polka" "Der Platzhirsch", Wapitis Rückkehr" "Kosmische Phyrze" "Saure Drops und süsser Wein" ISBN 7 43215 260424
  • Go aheadGoa-Head Vol. 16 (2002) "the best of goa-trance and psychedelic-techno" Just one song - could be found on other CDs: Hellmut Hattler - "Delhi News" (Deep Dive Version) 2CD: Leguan DA 56035-2, ISBN 4 025905 603527
  • 2003 Hellmut Hattler plays bass on 3 tracks of FOOLS GARDEN new release '25 MILES TO KISSIMMEE'

  • 2008 - Schlachtfest Session II - John Tchicai / Hans Joachim Irmler / Jan Fride / Roman Bunka / Hanna Tuulikki / Aby Vulliamy / Chris Hladowski / George Murray

  • Torsten de Winkel: Mastertouch 1985 (veraBra records nr.12) - Hellmut Hattler and Mike Brecker, Billy Cobham, Alphonse Mouzon, Joachim Kühn, Ernie Watts a.o.
    Hellmut Hattler plays only on "Sara's Touch" and "Lilo & Max". "Lilo & Max" is a Hattler composition wich later (in 1989) was released by KRAAN under the title "Polarity" on the Dancing in the Shade album.
    Torsten de Winkel Website
    Order album here:


1. release*:Vielklang Musikproduktion VM 308603 distribution T.I.M.E
2. release: EFA LP: 04240
  • Likkle Lovin'
  • Set my Heart on Fire
  • Talking to tyhe City#
  • Jungle
  • Don't let it down#
  • Don't Ding#
  • Desert

also including some C64 software for Tv-games.

*1 release: Different cover, some tunes with # different mix, and without the C64 software.

Heartware Maxi single - vinyl / CD
(1986) - 'Set my Heart on Fire' + 'Ja, ich weiss'
Vielklang 128601
Reissued 2002 by hattler /Torsten de Winkel. Order here:

Basicly a joint venture by Hattler and Jan Fride
1986. Recorded in Ulm.

Hellmut Hattler : 6 & 8 string basses, Keys, backing vocals,guitar, drumprogr.
Jan Fride : vocal, drums,percussion
Peter Wolbrandt: Guit.
Joo Kraus: Horns
Udo Dahmen: Drumprog
Thomas Glantz: Keyb.
Martin Schwebel: Drumprog.
Oliver Klammt: Keyb.
Peter Thomas Bauerlein: Sax.
Thorsten De Winkel: Guitar

On tour:
Hellmut Hattler: bass
Jan Fride: vocal & percussion
Joo Kraus: keys & trumpet
Hannes Eitner: drums
Thorsten De Winkel: Guitar

Pop-rock with a Kraan feel, but not many instrumental stunts.
Download: 'Ja, ich weiss' as mp3 - size: 3 MB


VeraBra CD: No. 23.
  • Sapiens
  • Gamelan
  • Humanimal Chat
  • Humanimal Talk
  • Dinner for Three
  • Lieblingslied
  • DUV
  • Mooloo
  • Café d'Art
P 1988.
Hellmut Hattler : 6 and 8 string basses
Torsten DeWinkel: Guitar.
Joo Kraus: Keys & trumpet, Ingo Bischof: Keys,
Joel Rosenblatt: Drums,
Billy Ward: Drums,
Nana Vasconcelos: Percussion a.o..

Jazz Fusion, all instrumental, strong Kraan feel, Kraan themes are used at least in Dinner for three (= Dinner for two on Kraan Live 88) and Lieblingslied. Mooloo was a year later (1989) released on Kraan: Dancing in the Shade as Kraan Mooloo (CD version only). Order here:

DEWINKELHATTLER: HUMANIMAL TALKDEWINKELHATTLER: HUMANIMAL TALK Reissued. 1988/2006. torsten de winkel / hellmut hattler, contains a bonus track ("lilo & max" originally from tdw's first album "mastertouch") with Joachim Kühn, Billy Cobham, tdw, Nippy Noya, Hellhat.

  • Hellmuth Hattlerand Joo Kraus made their own duo in 1991 called Tab Two that has released 7 albums. The first under the name Hattler - Kraus: Mind Movie.
    On 'Mind Movie' are two tunes from Kraan Live 88, Dinner for three(= Dinner for two Also found on DeWinkelHattler:Humanimal talk), Kunst House (= Kunststück). There is a certain Kraan-feel to the music on this album.
    On the second album 'Space Case' is one tune from DeWinkelHattler : Humanimal talk - Lieblingslied.
    On 'Between Us' 1999 (tune: GetThere II ) there is a loan from Heartware's Jungle.

    On their latest ...zzzip ! (Live) 2000 (2 CD) , is a technically very impressive version of 'Kunststück' and a great and interesting version of 'Kraan arabia' !

    The official Tab two website was edited by Hellmut's son Max Hattler and a version of it can be found here

    Tab Two

    1. December 2011

    TAB TWO:
    After 12 years of silence, Joo Kraus & Hellmut Hattler are going to release a 3CD set in spring 2012. With remastered hits, unreleased songs and mixes, and a brand new song. 5-10 concerts are in the planning.

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    TAB TWO: Interview 1997 (with subtitles in 14 languages)

Volker Rebell
Dezember 2006:
Der offizielle Mitschnitt der “Rock-Helden”-Tournee vom März diesen Jahres (durch das Sendegebiet des Hessischen Rundfunks) ist jetzt fertig und hier erhältlich.

* Anne Haigis, eine der „ausdrucksstärksten Sängerinnen Europas“ und „Germany’s best kept secret“ (Melissa Etheridge)
* Hellmut Hattler, „Deutschlands bester Bassist“ (Bass Player), „Bass-Minister“ bei Kraan, Tab Two und seiner neuen Band HATTLER
* Mani Neumeier, Drummer-Legende und GURU GURU-Boss, einer „der herausragenden Schlagzeuger der deutschen und europäischen Jazzrock-Szene“ (Wikipedia)
* Ingo Bischof, KRAAN-Mitglied, KARTHAGO-Gründer und Musical-erprobter Keyboarder
* Ali Neander von den Rodgau Monotones, Hessens renommiertester Rockgitarrist und viel gefragter Begleitmusiker
* Andreas Neubauer, gesuchter Allround-Schlagzeuger und Studio-Crack (z.B. für die Künstler des Labels 3p)

Erhältlich ist sowohl die Live-CD „Allein und gemeinsam – Deutsche Rock-Helden auf hr3-Rebell-Tour“, als auch die gleichnamige Doppel-DVD über diese WebSite: Bestellen

Die CD ist ab sofort erhältlich. Die DVD ab Ende Februar 2007.