Photos of Kraan from the mid seventies (ca. 75-79):

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Cuxhaven 1976

Musik Express, september 1977 (from Axel Rademacher )
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Jan Fride
The 'Jan Fride drumstick'
(endorsed by Jan Fride - and probably a commentary to commercialism) smiley
Photo taken by Steve Cork, 2nd November 1975 at Winning Post in Twickenham

Kraan - the new german supergroup
Nearly 50.000 fans at the last tour.
...and next year they'll visit America..." (well...27 years later)
Article from Bravo no. 44, oct 1975.
Larger version & German text here (graphics)

Krefeld rockfestival 1975
Krefeld, Rockfestival 1975
Hannen alt
The beer producer Hannen sponsored this festival in 74.
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Holzminden/Weser, Lower-Saxony, Germany, at Liebig-Gymnasium on 30.05.1975
Maybe the first concert with Ingo Bishof.
4 Photos by Axel Rademacher + his ticket.
Holzminden 75 Holzminden 75 Holzminden 75
Holzminden 75 Holzminden


Handcolored 1976

Peter and Conny Plank in his studio 1975
Jan Fride
Jan 1976

This "Sticker" is from Italy Made by Panini.
It is part of the set called "Pop Stars"


Advertizing Kraan Live

Scanned by Wolfgang Schmidt


Related to the poster seen at the left...

Promo 1979
Scanned by Gary Holdinghausen

Scanned by Wolfgang Schmidt from the German music magazine. SOUNDS, issue September 1975.

Promo picture from Passport records


Second version of "Sticker" from Italy. Made by Panini.
It is part of the set called "Pop Stars"



Krefeld/ Germany 1977
(photos by Lutz Wernicke )

Scanned from "Sounds" March 1977, by Wolfgang Schmidt

From "Sounds" april-may 1978

Scanned from "Sounds" Okt. 1976, by Wolfgang Schmidt

Riebes Fachblatt Nr.30 August 1975
(found by Wolfgang Schmidt)

Sounds 1976



Sounds 1976

Peter Wolbrandts original painting for the cover of 'Let it out' (made on paper).

Sounds 1975

Sounds 1975

February, 21 1976 in Eystrup in a school rest hall (photo: Jürgen Lange -
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Peter Wolbrandt

This row: From Odd Fellow Palæet 22.april 1976, Copenhagen, Denmark. Photographer:Skiold

Hellmut Hattler

Hellmut Hattler plays a 'Travis Bean' bass

Jan Fride & Hellmut Hattler

Hellmut Hattler

Krefeldt 77 (photo: Herrmann Imkamp)

Krefeldt 77
(photo: Herrmann Imkamp)

Krefeldt 77
(photo: Herrmann Imkamp)

Hellmuts Bassball tour 1978
(sent by Gary Holdinghausen U.S.A.)

Flyday tour 1979
(sent by Gary Holdinghausen U.S.A.)

Schwäbisch Gmünd 6.2. Year ?
(sent by gary Holdinghausen U.S.A.)

Finkenbach 79
Peter, HH and Mani Neumeier (Guru guru)

Finkenbach 79
HH and Mani Neumeier (Guru guru)

Ticket 76

Ticket 74

Finkenbach 79
Peter, Mani Neumeier and HH (Guru guru)

Finkenbach 79 ticket

Postcard from Hellmut to the designer of The cover for 'Bassball' Ulrich Jagusch

Drawing made by Hellmut - 1977

Peter and Hellmut, Krefeldt 1977
Photo: Herrmann Imkamp

Christmas-card from and with Hellmut 1978 (Bassball-period)
But what is he really doing here ?
From Ulrich Jagusch

'Haute couture' 1977

Andy Goldner singing at Wintrup - (photographed by Dave Svita)

A rarity: Kraan Tournee EMI Interview Cassette - 25 min. incl. 5 songs almrausch, borgward, peterchens reise, vollgas, yaqui yagua (from Fred Bauer)

Painting by Peter Wolbrandt, hanging on the wall at Wintrup
- click to see larger version
(photographed by Dave Svita)

Peter, Alto, Ellen ? & Jan at Wintrup (photo Dave Svita)

One of those cards that could possibly allow you to share the joints with the stars.
(photo Dave Svita)
Peter Wolbrandt 78
Peter Wolbrandt at Wintrup (photo provided by Daniel Svita. His late brother Dave Svita took the photo when he stayed there)

Hans Hartmann ? and Peter Wolbrandt at Wintrup

Hans Hartmann, Jan, Ellen, Peter; Alto at Wintrup (photo Dave Svita)

A wallpainting from Wintrup made by ? (photo Dave Svita)

Ingo Bischoff (photo Dave Svita)

Guru Guru - sunband with Ingo 1979 ? (from Daniel Svita)
Photo taken by Tai Lüdicke

Guru Guru - sunband with Ingo 1979 ?(from Daniel Svita)
Photo taken by Tai Lüdicke

Peter + Jan + ? Somewhere near Wintrup

Somewhere near Wintrup

Poster shot in Copenhagen april 1976, Copenhagen.

(1976) From the magazine Gitarre & Bass 9/2003
Alto & band
Probably: Ellen Meier, Andy Goldner, Wolfgang Grasekamp, Zabba Linder, Alto, Bernd Kieffer.
Kraan 1979
Autogramkarte 1979 (found by Skiold)
1977 promo
Promopicture 1977

German westcoast festival 1976
Lots of great bands...
EMI promopicture
EMI Promopicture 1977 - knitting seemed to be a bigger business back then.
Layout from cover of Flyday.
This one has been cut in the top & bottom, and a different type has been used for the name Kraan. Two white PING-PONG balls (or double moon ? ) are present - as on the photo to the left.
(The less romantic explanation is that the doublemoon, and ping-pong balls (left photo) are the result of a hole machine, in order to archive them in a briefcase)
Kraan - Menden 79
Menden, Kulturhalle Hüyngsen 03.03.1979
Photo: Dietmar Volkmer, Nottuln

More photos from Menden here

From the cover of Insideouts release of Wiederhoren 2005

Ingo Bischof with Guru guru 1979
Ingo Bischoff with Guru guru in 1979
See some more pictures from the event here

Peter Wolbrandt
Probably Dinslaken November 1978
Photo: Edgar Hellwig

Photos from the 70'ties taken by Martin Lowack
poster 1975

Poster found at

München 1975
Live 1978
Probably 1978 - probably somewhere.
unknown photographer






Rotosound 1978

Hellmut Hattler promotes Rotosound strings, Source: The magazine "Spotlight" from 08.1978.
(thanx to Axel Rademacher for the scan )

Conny Planck
Conny Planck's studio - during the Wiederhören sessions 1977


Those were the days when pop was serious music.

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