Kraan music files

You will find curiousities or rarities not in print, very hard to get stuff, or other unusual material.
So, the files will not be very representative of Kraan's work, but probably interesting to those who allready knows Kraans music.

You will not find any tunes from the albums here, unless one sunny day, it will be sanctioned by Kraan.
A few concertfiles or 'bootlegs' might find their way - again - if it is sanctioned by Kraan.

If you by any chance don't know Kraans music, the albums are available at and most online stores can provide the rest.

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Kraan concertrecording ( boot):

Berg und Tal - Audience recording from a concert in Köln-Mühlheim 17. March 1980.
Crew: Peter Wolbrandt - Hellmut Hattler- Ingo Bishoff - Udo Dahmen.
This tune is previously unreleased: 'Discovered' on Napster 1999. Was considered for release on Berliner Ring , but rejected because of the sound quality. Two other bootrecordings made it ('Koffein' & 'Filz und Fett').
Download: Berg und Tal - 9,8 mb mp3, 10.42 minutes (rightclick with the mouse and save)
You can get a free mp3player at

Prima Klima recorded live at Porta Westfalica 1975
Crew: Hellmut Hattler, Peter Wolbrandt, Ingo Bischof, Jan Fride, Johannes Pappert.
Not found on any livealbum, and it is very unusual that Ingo and Alto plays together live.
Download: Prima Klima - 5,4 mb mp3

Kraan videoclips

From FOOL'S GARDENs birthday party 28.9.2001 in Pforzheim
Horrible sound, but nevertheless interesting. (Excerpt: Let's Take a Ride 1:39 min ) (Excerpt: Yaqui Yagua 3:00 min)

If these files are removed, give me a notice and I will provide them another way.

Requires Realaudio-

Kraan vidoes at YouTube now (2006). This is probably violating someones rights, but since you probably will discover these clips/videos anyway, this website might as well tell you first. Watch them while you still can - they are good !!

1972 - Sarahs ritt durch den swarzwald (Notice Jans drumming!! !)
1975 - Hallo Ja ja, I dont know
1974 - Jerk of life (A photo from this place is found elsewhere on this website)
1977 - Vollgas Ahoi (Very good videoquality - wonder what event it is)
1987 (or later) - Nachtfart (2 X Wolbrandt, Hattler & Kraus)
1988-89 Kraan arabia
2003 - Nam Nam at Nearfest USA (20 seconds)
2005 - Nam Nam (As good as then)
2006 - Hellmut Hattler plays Intro mine - Bass playing with two different tap delays
2008 - The pike The Kraan trio's latest.

And I am sure there is more coming up - and disappearing- all the time.

Kraan Interview
with Peter, Hellmut & Jan from the Nearfestfestival 2003
Nearfest_interview_13092003.mp3 4.2 mb

Photos of Kraan:

Hattler / Wolbrandt (Ibanez artist vol. 1.)
A promotion tape made for Ibanez (basses & guitars) 1985.

The tape contains 4 tunes.
Polarity 3.9 mb, mp3 (later recorded for Dancing in the shade, 1989)
Gute Fahrt 4.2 mb, mp3 (prototype of Weeyeea , Soul of Stone 1991 ), but recorded 6 years before !)

Listen also to these tunes on your cd's, and see how they evolved !

Click on the photo for some more info

ku´nstkopfKraan Kunstkopf files

Recorded with 2 microphones mounted on an artificial head. Should be heard with good quality headphones for best result. Very live'ish.

Album: Vom Kopf zum Hörer 1975 - Read more (solos & works)
Holiday_Kunstkopf.mp3 6 mb, 128 kbps. Starts up kind of silently.

superrockfestAlbum: Super-Rock-Festival (vol 1.) 1977 - Read more (solos & works)
Let it out 6:12 - 5.8 mb
Bandits in the woods 4:20 - 3.1 mb
Degado 4:54 - 4.7 mb

If you don't use headphones, it sounds a bit like its recorded inside a can.

superrockfestHattler Kunstkopf files:
Helmut Hattler Bassball 3:10
Helmut Hattler How and why 4:20

Both tunes are originally from Hellmut Hattlers first soloalbum 'Bassball' 1977, but here remixed for 3D effect in 1979, and released on 'Superrock festival' a double LP compilation with many other German bands.
More info:

If you don't use headphones, it sounds a bit like its recorded inside a can.

(And I would personally recommend the original album instead, since it has several way more interesting tunes - says Michael Bohn)

Pop-rock with some Kraan feel, but not so many instrumental stunts.
Peter Wolbrandt was not a 'full' member of Heartware, but here his guitar talks.
Download: 'Ja, ich weiss' as mp3 - 3 mb. (the first 3 seconds are silent)
From Heartware Maxi single - vinyl / CD (1986) - 'Set my Heart on Fire' + 'Ja, ich weiss'
Vielklang 128601
Read more about Heartware

Tavil - a trio Ingo Bischof was a part of.
Album registrated as Reger/Bischof/Fischer: 'Images of Trance and Rythm' 2001

Download: Hakim 5,4 mb wma- file, a kind of mp3, plays fine in Winamp, windows mediaplayer, etc.

Read more about Tavil in the Interview with Ingo Bischof and album-info here: solos & works

Peter Wolbrandt:

VEITH WOLBRANDT GROUP played a fine concert in Stuttgart 08.01.04 !
It was bootlegged and bootvideorecorded ( we strongly condemn that sort of illegal acts ;-) ) - so you can watch a short excerpt of the end of 'Rund um die uhr' (A great Kraan tune) here as quicktime formate (12 mb as download). - (Requires Quicktime plugin

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