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February 20.2000: Kraan rehearsing in Ulm (in a cold place it seems).
Ingo sparkles in "Borgward": Small Real audio sample -
Go to Peter Wolbrandts website and hear a sample of "Far West" .

Poster from the Herzberg festival in July 2000
(Click for a larger version)

Photos by Harald Vullbrock
Pictures from the Herzberg festival gig 13/7-2000 at
A good day in Ulm

A selection of 52 photos from the outdoor gig in Ulm 11/7-2000
Photos taken and kindly provided by Andi Gorres

You can read a review of this concert here

Peter Wolbrandt 2000
(Photo:Gary Holdinghausen )

Gary Holdinghausen (Kraan enthusiast from USA and contributor to this website) & Peter
enjoying a beer in Ulm 2000

Inlay cards for the japanese versions of the Kraan cd's
Rock News: The magazine from
July-September 2000 issue featuring Kraan.

See a larger version

The Kraan syndicate 2000

Kraan syndicate
Peter Wolbrandt Jan Wolbrandt Hellmut Hattler Ingo Bischof

Copyright Eib Eibelshäuser

Hellmut - The great leader of a new religious movement, receiving signals
from the planet Kraanus - or maybe just a soundcheck ?
What should we hope for ?
Place: 'St. Hell' in Munich 2000. . . what a name !

Ticket from Krefeldt 05.04.01

At the Subway club, Köln 6.april 2001

45 minutes of the Köln gig at club Subway will be broadcasted 08.06.2001 at 12.45 on 3 SAT (WDR) German television.

3 photos above from Subway Köln, 06.04.01 by Ulrich Jagusch

Collage from Subway Köln, 06.04.01

Photo/collage: fotos:Kalle Jardner/Kunstzelle-Motek

An early customer...NR. 3...
a ticket to the coming gig in Osnabrück 8. June (Germany)

Just before take off...

The Subway club was indeed a small place; Ingo is behind the pillar to the left. TV-crowd to the right, blocking the view, trying not to...

Peter Wolbrandt in charge...
(4 Photos above by Michael Bohn)

Two great musicians, late evening, deserving a 'kölsch' (local beertype) after a great performance at the Subway club ! (Photo: Peter Wolbrandt)

Osnabrück 8. June

Backstage at Tübingen 2001 - photo: Thorsten Knoop

Sons of the sun

In the prima klima...

Giving the bass some airplay...

Pictures taken by Thorsten Knoop at Cornberg 25.8 2001

Click on this dice (opens in a new window), print the larger version and make the dice (würfel).
Bigger version here
Posted by Rudolf Weinert (9/2001) who also are doing a Kraan-style postercontest in Bad Neustadt/S.

Go to the Postercontest page.

New poster for Kraan Live 2001-
Photos from the event by Harald Vullbrock

Photo: Hans-Peter Linz place: Trier 2001

X-mas Poster
Poster /add for the Christmas gig in Ulm 2001

The Hattler's 2001

Tadaaa !
Photo: Hans-Peter Linz place: Trier 2001

Photo: Hans-Peter Linz place: Trier 2001

It was during the last Kraan-tour, October 13, 2001, Stadthalle Betzdorf, we are the opening act Janis, it was great to play on stage with Kraan..., but when Borgward sounded, we miss suddenly the bassdrum..., what was happened? Jan Fride`s drumpedal was broken ("The first time since 30 years" he later said), he had not a substitute pedal, but - thank God - Kraan played this evening by way of excption with an opening act..., and so my brother Christoph and me runs behind the stage in our car and take Christoph`s drumpedal to Jan..., the most of people doesn`t notice this stressy minutes...
/Bernward Koch

Günter Theis - stagesound on springtour 2002
One of the often overlooked guys, who can either ruin your hearingability or like Günter help taking the event to the next level.
Photo: Bernward Koch (Unna, May 10)
Hellmuts Mutter ?
Hellmuts Mutter ?? Mother bass ? We think someone is pulling our legs !!

creator:Ulrich Jagusch

Christmas 2001 last encore (with Alto)...

Kraans first gig in U.S.A. : Progday festival - North Carolina 31. august 2002 (photo: Chris Wilhelm)

Marburg 2002
Marburg 23. November 2002. Photo: Jan Fride.
Peter & Ingo talks with the Koch brothers Bernward & Chistoph after a great show !

4.12.2002 Zeche Carl Essen Photo: Karl Heinz Jardner

A Wintruper echo ! The dynamic quartet in Wintrup almost 30 years after. Look here and check the difference.

Hattler Hannover
Hattler live Hannover 21.02.03
Photo: Rainer Valeske

Kraan Live at the Nearfest festival 2003 - USA - Photos by Chris Wilhelm USA

Kraan tour poster
Kraan tourposter - click for larger version
German magazine Spazz august 2003

This is what a backstagepass 2003 looks like
(minus the red cross).
Anybody out there who knows what this is ?
Kraan, soap, or a japanese version of South Park ?
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn

Fabrik 5. october 2003
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Fred Bauer
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
The lightman Delgado

Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Fred Bauer
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
The soundman Günter Theis
warm up
Warming up at Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn
Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn
warm up
Warming up at Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn

Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn
(Hellmut talks with the audience)

Die Fabrik, Hamburg 5.10.03
Photographer: Michael Bohn
(p.s. notice there is a kid in the middle)
Ingo Bischoff
Ingo gives his Moog Voyager some good massage.
Koblenz - 30.10.03
Photo: Bernward Koch

Ingo Bischof - the wizard
Koblenz 30.10.03
Photo: Bernward Koch
Ingo Bischof
Ingo Bischof - Karlsruhe
Photo: Rainer Valeske
Hellllöööö Karlsruhe ! - Photo: Rainer Valeske
Hallo Karlsruhe !!!
Photo: Rainer Valeske
Live at Roxy in Ulm 22. oktober 2003 (photographer: Frieder Rodermund.)
22. oktober 2003
Click for a unmanipulated and larger version.

Ingo is rescued by professionals after a minor leg accident at the Leverkusen gig November 2003.
(Jan Fride's digicam)
Buying a leg ?
Peter and Hellmut tries to find a new leg for Ingo.
(Jan Fride's digicam)
Kraan 2003
Kraan 2003

VEITH WOLBRANDT GROUP played a fine concert in Stuttgart 08.01.04 !
Pictures taken by Fred Bauer from the event here

It was bootlegged and bootvideorecorded - You can watch the ending of 'Rund um die uhr' (A great Kraan tune) here as quicktime formate (.MOV - 12 mb as download).

Fred's wall The notorius Kraan fan Fred Bauer wrote:
"I took this pic in the Idstein backstage room at a Hattler Band gig on 20th of march, 2004. Hellmut Hattler told me, that he had paintet it 1994 (!) during a Tab Two gig as a joke (Kraan never played on 31.12.2001 in Idstein) "
Click for larger version

A festival ticket

 P.W. live at the zappanale 2004
Nothing yet.

Self-explanatory poster from 2004

Signed autogramme
Hellmut & Kraan at Leverkusen 2003

Photos: Mathias Siercke

Karthago 21.12.04 Bonn (With Ingo Bischof on keyboards)

Flyer from Pfullendorf Seepark-Festival 31.08.2005 (Baden-Württemberg, postal code D-88630)


Selected concertdates... I wonder what the criteria were ?

Kraan - 28.04.05
Foto: U. Samaga

Finkenbach 2005
Finkenbach 2005
24 june 20005
A shot from Düsseldorf this summer after a seven hours autobahn ride...

Poster December 2005
Kraut-Rockpalast - December 2005
 Bonn 21.12.05 - Photos by Matthias Siercke.


Photos from Finkenbach festival 30.7.2005. Taken by Karsten W. Rohrbach when the DVD (released 2007) was recorded.
Photo: Karsten W. Rohrbach

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