What Kraan is not:

A country: The Kingdom of Kraan

Kraniche = Crane
Maybe the inspiration to the song: Wenn die Kraaniche zieh'n....


The thing above is a Kraan in Holland,
but some claims that Kraan means a Faucet in Dutch:(fô“s¹t) n. A device for regulating the flow of a liquid from a reservoir such as a pipe or drum. [Middle English, from Old French fausset, cask stopper, from fausser, to break in, from Late Latin fals³re, to falsify, from Latin falsus, false. See FALSE.]

OR how about:

The Kraans

Description :

Cold blooded raptors with strong leather flesh and strong hooks and claws, Kraans can make true prowesses in flight in spite of their heavy aspect. Their fraut strength enable them to carry loads (that decreases nevertheless their flight ability). As they are a bit inteligent, these dangerous creatures have been trained to serve as mounts by the Darklord. Very often mistaken with their cousins dragons, Kraans are feared by commons peaple as their doet of flesh doesn't need to be proven......More about the Kraans here: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Comet/6275/kraana.html

Crane 2
Kraan could also be a lifting device...

A Kraan fan page http://www.kran-fan.de/ ?

This is definetly not Kraan: http://www.mhsc.ca/encyclopedia/contents/K7340ME.html#Bibliography
Or maybe Kraan is a little of all this. . .

But what about this one ?

A japanese version of South Park ?, An advertizement for bathtub soap or ?

http://www.calle.com/world/RP/71/Kraan.html - Kraan in the Phillipines, actually, the wheather situation.

3 policemen drowned in Kraan river...

KRAAN is a convicted felon with a history of violence and weapon possession. The City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii hold a 1998 warrant for KRAANS’ arrest charging him with probation violation from an earlier conviction of possessing explosive devices and firearms.

Hannen alt festival 74The secret Kraan-money that were the only legal currency at Wintrup. Here a 10 Hattler token piece ~1,23 Euro or 4 Reefers.
The Wolbrandt notes with great artistic watermarks are definetely more rare.
Right: Plastic Token - Hattler Bros. Measures approximately 25mm in diameter
One was on sale here: http://cgi.ebay.de/

The photo to the right was sent to your humble webmaster, and naturally he became in a severe state of chock !
The story behind it is uncertain, and perhaps we shouldn't even show this - but now its done !
But as everything on this particular page - this is not Kraan.

Kraan is alive & well.

A man called Negroponte Kraan seems to be a power mad vampire !! Kraan Negroponte

Das Waisenhaus der Vampire (Gebundene Ausgabe)

Ein Blutstropfen genügt, um aus einem Menschen einen Vampir zu machen!
Eiskalte Schauer laufen Bruno über den Rücken, als ihm Negroponte Kraan zum ersten Mal begegnet.
Ausgerechnet dieser Mann will ihn adoptieren.
Aber für den zehnjährigen Bruno, der seit seiner Geburt im Waisenhaus lebt,
ist es wahrscheinlich die letzte Chance, Eltern zu finden.

Als Bruno schließlich bei seiner neuen Adoptivfamilie lebt, enthüllt Negroponte Kraan sein wahres Gesicht:

Er ist ein machthungriger Vampir, der die Welt in seine Gewalt bringen will.
Und für diesen Plan braucht er Bruno ...

M'Kraan Crystal

In the fictional Marvel Comics Universe, the M'Kraan Crystal (pronounced "EM-kron", or "MA-craan" as in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance the video game) is a gigantic crystalline artifact that lies at the nexus of all realities. The Crystal contains a negative galaxy, a source of near limitless power, which pulls and traps all matter inside. The Crystal plays a prominent role in several major storylines, including the Dark Phoenix Saga and the Age of Apocalypse. The Saga states that the Phoenix Force is the legendary guardian of the crystal.