Pre Kraan Photos:

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Jan and Hellmut 1964
Jan Fride & Hellmut Hattler at Freie Waldorfschule, Römerstraße, Ulm - probably 1964.

Jan + Peter 1963
ca. 11 and 14 years old

Jan + Peter live 65

Peters jazzband "Veith Wolbrandt group" with Jan + Hattler playing in a jazzclub in Ulm 1969.
Thanks to Helmi Wolbrandt for keeping and finding these and other photos for the Kraan website !
and thanks for letting your boys pursue their musical ideas !

From the magazine Musiker Szene 1/99

More Ulmer Jazz

"Progressive Jazz Group Ulm"
with Alto Pappert (as) Hartmut Mau (fl, as), Johannes Roevenstrunck (p), Jan
Wolbrandt (dr), Hellmut Hattler with his first bass: Höfner semi acoustic.

(Hellmut Hattlers guess: Photos are taken by Gabriele Kloske in 1969, yet un-remembered location.
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Samuel Ölberg Quintett:
Gabi von Silkowsky, Alto Pappert, HH's bass in the hands of Friedrich Glorian who borrowed it for some occasions, Peter Kiessling (and Johannes Rövenstrunk piano who is not on photo)

Veit Wolbrandt
Das ist die Veith Wolbrandt Group vor extravagantem Bühnenbild im Alten Theater am 7. März 1970: Hartmut Mau an der Flöte, Peter Wolbrandt (Gitarre), Jan Wolbrandt (Drums), Johannes Pappert (Saxophon) und Hellmut Hattler am Bass. Foto: Gerhard Bader/Archiv
Direct link to interview with Hellmut Hattler here - and here

Veith Wolbrandt
Veith Wolbrandt Group rehearsing in an office (after the employees had left)

Veith Wolbrandt 69
Veith Wolbrandt Group im Sommer 1969 im "Piepmatz", Ulm.
Same photo as used in newsarticle on top of this page.
To the far left: Ebo Scheidel, one of the guitarists of the wolbrandt's very first band
called "the citizens".